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In the past years software for electronic signature solutions is at its height. The question many ask is what is electronic signature? According to the US Federal ESIGN Act, "electronic signature is an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record". Electronic signature solutions help people with signing letters, contracts, rental agreements, lease agreements, financial documents and much more. It is important to note that electronically signed documents are just as viable and legally binding as every other hard-copy signed document.

Part 1Best Electronic Signature Solution to Get Signatures

electronic signature solutions

After testing the market and reviewing many different products, we've come to conclusion that one product stand above the rest. With clients in Fortune 500 companies, Wondershare SignX helps small businesses and enterprises improve the workflow of their company. If you want to go paperless, your best business partner in the process is SignX.

So, what makes the product stand above other electronic signature solutions? It is all about the features. Here are some features of SignX that make it best e signature solution.

Using SignX is extremely easy and simple. Here is a step by step guide what you need to do in order to get a document signed.

1. Upload Document and Add Recipients

  • Upload a PDF document. You can upload from your own computer, cell phone, or from a cloud-based software.
  • Add recipients by listing their email addresses. If you need to sign the document as well, you can check the box "I need to sign the document".
  • Write a subject of the email and message. Usually the subject is "Signature requested for …".

2. Add Signature Position for Signers

If you need to sign, you should sign the document in your own e-mail. And then click on the recipient's email and add signature fields for name, date, title, and company for the signer. And then click on "Send for Signature".

3. The Recipients Need to Sign through E-mail

Once you have clicked on "Send for Signature", the recipients will receive the e-mail requested for signature at once. They need click the "Sign the Document" to open the link to add signature and send.

Then you will get the signed document and manage them. You can see the status of the document at all times, check the people you've sent the document to, and all other details in the dashboard.

Part 2Alternative Electronic Signature Solutions

Of course, SignX by Wondershare is not the only e signature solution out there. You can find others. And here are some worth giving a try.

1. EchoSign

electronic signature solutions

EchoSign is now known as Adobe Sign, since Adobe took over the company. With so many products in the PDF sector, Adobe adds another dimension to your PDF experience with EchoSign. There is a 30 day free trial period, after which Adobe offers individual and business subscription.

EchoSign is used by FourSquare and Kia, giving the product some authoritative vouching partners. The strengths of the product come in partnership, as EchoSign integrates well with SalesForce, SharePoint and other APIs.

The downside is that the product is pricey, $9.99 per month for individual subscription. Another problem is that because it is owned by Adobe, you can expect upgrades that you have to pay for.

2. SignNow

e signature solution

The next product on the list was known as CudaSign. The company has an impressive resume, with features in Forbes, Mashable, ESPN, and more. According to stats, SignNow is used by 40% of the Fortune 1000 companies.

The strength of the product is in the resume, with companies like Google, AT&T, and FedEx known to use it. Other pros include ability to archive documents, app for both iOS and Android, and integration with Salesforce and SharePoint with the premium plan.

The downside is that unless you pay for premium plan, you are getting a lousy product. Phone and email support, for example, is available only for Premium users. There have also been complaints about recent updates that are seen as downgrade.

3. DocHub

best e signature solution

This is more of an extension, than a solo product. DocHub is part of Google Drive, a tool that you can use for filling, editing, and signing PDF documents.

The biggest strength of DocHub lies in its simplicity. Unlike other tools that do the same job in the Chrome web store, DocHub is much better, simpler, and easier to use. The product does everything you need in a simple manner. You can email documents directly, and the signature feature allows you to capture your own signature. And since it is web-based, all your work, past documents, and everything else is available all the time.

The downside of DocHub is that the product doesn't leave a stamp when signing document in free mode. For business users, this is a bit of letdown, since they all want to have their stamp on the document.

4. SignEasy

mobile signing solutions

When you want to be able to sign a document from anywhere, at any time, SignEasy helps you. Available for use both on your computer, and on your smartphone, the tool is godsend. The tool has been tested mostly on Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, and it works seamlessly.

The plus sides are that you can add multiple signers to a document, and the tool supports many electronic documents. Importing and exporting documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and similar cloud based apps is also easy.

The downside is that the tool is more like a personal tool, than a business tool. For example, there is no way to re-edit individual elements, and you cannot rotate document or elements.

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