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With each passing day, an increasing number of businesses are ditching traditional paper based processes and signing and saving important business files and documents online. Today’s professionals are not leaving any stone unturned to save money and make their operations speedier, safer and more reliable.

Signature creator or signature image creator brings powerful way to turn these objectives into reality. From direct cost saving by shifting to paperless process, making signing process online that is easier for customers to follow to ensuring documents’ security and gaining signed documents on time, signature creators bring a lot of benefits for document management system of the businesses. Here we present the top 8 unique signature creators.

Part 1Top 8 Signature Creators

1. SignX

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SignX by WonderShare is a signature image creator that is used in highly professional settings. SignX is the signature creator tool that helps you create a custom signature the way you want. Create your e-signature with ease, security and speed to be used for emails, web, digital files and documents.

The unique features of SignX including document and password management, generation of legally binding signs, file encryption, document editing, real time alerts and reusable templates make it one of the best online signature creators. Through SignX, your document signing process and business operations are granted with speed, reliability, security and real time tracing all through the process.


  • Legally binding signatures and document signing and sharing features are available
  • High personalization & real-time notifications
  • User-friendly interface & high level of encryption
  • A number of users can share your account at one time

2. MyLive Signature

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It is a unique signature creator that creates signature to be used for emails, web, and forums. The interface is easy to use and more suitable for signing casual documents and routine files. The users are able to customize the signature through various fonts and colors. Once signature is made, it is directed to its database. You can save signature to your PC or generate its HTML code.


  • Faster and easier user interface
  • Significant variety in colors and fonts
  • Great for routine based non-legal documents signing


  • Signatures are not legally binding
  • Not suitable for sensitive and important business matters
  • It just creates signature. The interface doesn’t allow instant documents signing

3. E-Lock

iphone signature creator

E-lock is an online signature image creator that instantly generates your signature. In addition, it offers feature of multiple-document signing, thus saves time. The feature also lets users to custom make their own document signing solution pertaining to their specific document signing requirements. The interface is compatible with web as well as mobile devices.


  • Flexible and highly compatible user interface
  • Custom document signing solutions
  • Bulk documents can be signed at a time


  • Complicated interface
  • Costlier than other similar tools
  • More time for initial setup

4. Signature Maker

signature style creator

This is a unique signature creator that generates signature for multiple use. The signature it creates can be used for emails, web, forums and documents. It offers a range of colors and fonts options to choose from. It is one of the most popular tools for non-legal document signing setting. Once you create your signature, you need to download it for use.


  • Easy to use interface
  • More choices in terms of fonts and colors
  • Signature can be used for multiple platforms


  • Signature is not legally binding
  • It just creates signature. The interface doesn’t allow instant signing on documents
  • Suitable for non-legal documents only

5. AssureSign

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It is one of the signature creators that is mostly used by medium and large scale businesses. The AssureSign signature image creator not just helps create signature but also offers document signing features. The signature created are legally binding and in compliance with e-document security regulations in various jurisdictions. In addition, it can be integrated with third party apps as well as cloud.


  • Highly professional tool for legally binding signature that comply with international laws
  • Document management and signing features are available
  • Seamless transition and flexible user-interface


  • More suitable for medium and large scale businesses
  • Mobile version is not available
  • Costly option for small scale businesses or personalized use

6. Minecraft Sigs

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This is a signature creator that basically caters the needs of people who want their forum signature. However, the signature it creates can also be used for advertising materials like banners, websites and flyers. Mostly, it is used by marketing teams who often need unified signature for marketing purposes.


  • Great online forum signature creator
  • Range of colors and fonts are available
  • Simple to use interface


  • Signature is not legally binding
  • More suitable for marketing and forums
  • Signature cannot be used for document signing

7. Animated Signature Maker

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If you like playing with colors and lots of animations, this signature creator worth trying for. This signature image creator tool is used to create animated GIF signatures that are suitable for forums, digital marketing materials and emails. A variety of colors, fonts and animations is available.


  • Great online forum or marketing signature creator
  • Range of animations, colors and fonts are available
  • Simple to use and appealing interface


  • Used only for marketing and forums
  • Signature is not legally binding
  • Signature cannot be used for document signing

8. WOW Signature Creator

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This unique signature creator is most suitable for people looking for something very stylish as well as different. Through this tool, users can create their signatures on World of Warcraft. Thus, these signatures are ideal to be used for forums, websites and emails.


  • Simple to use and creative user-interface
  • Range of colors, fonts and styles are available
  • The free version lets you create 5 signature with various World of Warcraft characters


  • Used only for forums and emails
  • Signature is not legally binding and available for document signing
  • Admired mostly by people who like World of Warcraft
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