Top 6 SignEasy Alternatives and Competitors

Most business transactions have found themselves with electronic signatures for digital document management. SignEasy is one of the many e-signature platforms that are available for businesses and individual users with convenient features, allowing users to complete e-signatures easily and quickly. However, many users complained its inconveniences like limited free signs and terrible security and want to look for SignEasy alternative.

Actually, in addition to SignEasy, there are a good number of alternatives out there, each with different sets of features. Here’s a short list of e-signature applications you can try when looking for a SignEasy competitor.

Top 6 SignEasy Alternatives

1) SignX

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SignX is a simple, user-friendly application that can be used by anyone to insert digital signatures. Despite its simple interface, it can be used by a wide range of users – from individuals and small businesses to large organizations with multiple departments. It features reusable templates, multiple and bulk signing, API integrations, signature tracking, real-time notifications, secure and legally-binding signatures, password encryption, two-factor authentication, and optimized workflows – all through a secure cloud-based platform that can be easily accessed on multiple devices.

SignX has a ton of benefits for everyday users as SignEasy competitor. In addition to the simple interface, it’s also one of the most affordable electronic signature applications, with prices starting at $6.99/monthly. The dashboard is also quite insightful, giving the user visibility into audit trails, timestamps, IP addresses, and sender email addresses.

2) SignMyPad

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SignMyPad is a digital document management system from software development company Autriv that comes both as a cloud-based solution and as an app for both iOS and Android platforms. The cloud version, SignMyPad Cloud, enables business users to push their documents to the cloud and append digital signatures on the go across all their devices.

As a SignEasy alternative, SignMyPad also comes with some of the features from the former, including in-person and on-the-spot signing, bulk signing, and secure authentication across all devices.


  • Supports geo-tagging, which can help in case of a court dispute
  • Works on all major operating systems


  • At $9.99/month/user, starting prices are a bit high compared with other e-signature apps of the same class.

3) SignNow

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SignNow is an enterprise e-signature platform used across the globe for e-signatures and general digital document management. At its basic level, SignNow is often used to append signatures either in person or by sending documents for signing to remotely-located signees. E-signatures are often secured by one of the most robust encryption algorithms from the application’s developers, Barracuda Networks.

SignNow works across all major platforms, thanks to its cloud-based technology. It features audit logs, authentication, progress tracking, multi-party signing, and mobile signatures, which can come in handy for users who are often on the road.


  • Easy and simple enough to use for first-time users
  • Template management is a cut above the rest


  • Signature and text editing is often sluggish
  • No customizable fields apart from date, text, and the signature.

4) DigiSigner

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DigiSigner is another electronic signature application in a crowded e-signature app space. Don’t be fooled though. This e-signature platform works hard to earn its name among the dozens of e-signature solutions out there. It features a simple UI that is easy to navigate, with well-placed buttons and function on each platform, quick uploads, labeled and color-coded areas for appending signatures, and generally very easy for first-time users.

As a SignEasy competitor, DigiSigner comes with all the features you’d expect from a professional e-signature application, including SSL encryption, audit logs, and progress tracking.


  • Easiest to manage remote signatures
  • All subscribers get 3 free documents to sign per month


  • Email notifications often get marked as spam, so a frequent visit to your Junk email folder is usually necessary.

5) SignRequest

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SignRequest is the perfect balance between simplicity, security, and professionalism you’ve probably ever seen on the internet. Its developers describe the application as anything but a high-end product but with all the features you would expect from such a product. SignRequest enables a user or a group of signees to insert legally-binding electronic signatures with the latest encryption protocols for maximum security.

Plus, unlike other SignEasy alternatives, SignRequest gives users access to personalized accounts, allowing users to add logos, color, and connect with other team members.


  • API integrations with websites and many CRM platforms
  • There’s a free plan with tons of features, including unlimited signatures and third-party integrations


  • Can feel a bit sluggish at times

6) SignBox

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SignBox is a simple e-signature app native to iOS tablets and smartphones. iPad and iPhone users can use SignBox to insert secure signatures on PDF files on their devices, which gives an unmatched level of mobility for people who are always on the road. Plus, you can use your TouchID credentials to make your e-signatures more secure, something that many other competitors can’t guarantee.


  • Simple to use – no need to sign up for an account.
  • Cheap, at only $3.99 for a one-time purchase


  • Limited to only iOS platforms
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