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In legal cases where a signature has to be applied, the softcopy format faces a problem since putting the right signature is a challenge. To address this, many electronic signature generators has been created to enable any user to generate signatures and place on their documents. The respective organizations or persons are therefore expected to install such software to facilitate the e-signature generators. This article will give you a detailed guide on the best way of generating a signature and the best electronic signature generators to use.

Part 1DocuSign Issues and Solutions without Asking for Support

1. Page Cannot Be Displayed

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The scenario is following: you have uploaded the documents successfully. However, the page thumbnails show broken icons, and you get a report "this page cannot be displayed". There are two causes for this problem. The first one is your document is too large in dimension. Oftentimes, people scan their document and increase the dimensions. As a result, there are rendering issues.

The solution to this problem is to update the drivers for your scanner, and then rescan the document. Make sure to adjust your scanner settings in order to set the default page layout properties. This will ensure that your scanner saves files in standard document size.

Another cause for the problem might be that your PDF document contains layers. To get rid of layers and solve the problem, just save your PDF file in a new document.

2. Document Upload Error

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One of the most common issues the DocuSign customer service deals with is "upload error". There are many reasons why this might happen, and we will list them all one by one, with solutions following.

The first cause is simple, your document is corrupted. What does that mean? There are metadata issues in your file that happened during the initial scanning of the document. There are several solutions to this problem, the first one being saving the file as a new PDF file. Another solution is to print the document to a new PDF. If you want to get more in depth with solving the issue, you can use PDF optimization or you can use the DocuSign print drive to upload your original document.

Another reason why "document upload error" occurs is when the document contains macros. DocuSign does not support macros, meaning that if there are macros in your document, the software won't be able to upload the document. The solution is to save the file as a new PDF before uploading. Or, you can remove the macros by going View > Macros, and then delete all the macros.

If the document is password protected, you will again get "document upload error". Same as macros, DocuSign does not support password protected documents. You can remove the password protection by opening the document in the program that created it. Go to security options, and then remove password protection.

3. DocuSign Not Working

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Multiple users have taken on to forums to express their "satisfaction" with DocuSign. Some have even gone as far as saying they have to go to their client's house to get a hard-copy document signing, just because DocuSign is not working properly, and there is no response from customer service.

When your software is not working, the only real solution is to find a different software that works better, safer, faster, and is more reliable.

4. PDF Form Field Data Is Missing

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Another common DocuSign issue is that form field data is missing. This happens when you upload PDF document with form fields and choosing Apply/Assign. In some cases, form data is missing in the end. The same happens when you choose Cancel/Flatten. Why does this happen? Because your PDF file is an active XFA form.

Your best solution is to flatten your PDF file. You can also use Print the document to a new PDF, same as with issue No.1. To do this, you need to open the document in Adobe Acrobat Professional, and go to File > Print. Select Adobe PDF as a printer. Then choose "shrink to printable area", click OK, and print the document to a new *.PDF file. You can also convert your document to static XFA. To do this, you need to use the application that first created your PDF document and save it in "Static XFA" instead of Active XFA.

5. Envelopes Are Not Shown in Salesforce

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One of the reasons DocuSign is popular software for electronic signature online is because of its integration with Salesforce. But what happens when that integration does not work smoothly? Another issue is that envelops you create are send to Salesforce, but the application is not receiving completed envelopes back. The problem is caused by the Connect settings.

To solve the issue, you need to configure connect setting properly. Start by logging in to your Salesforce account and then click "console". Next, click the "profile image", and then click "preferences". Click connect, found under account administration. Now click Salesforce.

Part 2A Comprehensive Solution to DocuSign

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As we mentioned previously, when your software is not working properly, you ought to search for alternatives. The best alternative to DocuSign is SignX, an electronic signature software by Wondershare. There are few reasons why we choose SignX, and one of them is the price. You get a much cheaper software for electronic signature, but also with more features and more reliable.

The main features of SignX include a centralized dashboard, detailed audit trail, real-time notifications, and password and encryption protection. The centralized dashboard allows you a complete view of all your documents, those that are pending approval, signed documents, and those that are just viewed by your recipient. The detailed audit trail, on the other hand, provides you with a complete log of the process of signing the document, including timestamps, email addresses of the sender, and IP addresses.

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