DocuSign vs EchoSign vs RightSignature

There are a lot of different electronic signature service providers but the most popular and most used remain DocuSign, EchoSign and RightSignature. While they all offer eSignature services, they are far from similar, each service trying to gain more users by becoming as unique as they possibly can. What this means for you is that you then have a choice from these three to use the one that only fits in with your particular needs.

In this article we are going to try and make choosing easier for you by comparing DocuSign vs EchoSign and RightSignature. We will also provide you with an easier and better alternative to the three.

Part 1DocuSign vs EchoSign and DocuSign vs RightSignature

1. DocuSign

echosign vs docusign

DocuSign is one of the most popular online eSignature services in the business and with good reason. It makes it easy for users to easily and completely sign documents online with the signatures applied being legally binding. It also comes with a tagging system that shows the signee what to do and access and security codes for added document security.


  • The signatures are legally binding
  • Can be used to send documents to multiple recipients
  • Tagging system is very helpful to the recipients


  • If you want to verify the recipient’s identity via phone authentication, you have to incur an extra cost.

2. EchoSign

docusign vs echosign

EchoSign is another popular service to apply eSignatures to your document. The documents signed using this service are also completely legally binding. You can use EchoSign to sign and send for signing Word, Excel and PDF files. Encryption is however only possible with the EchoSign Pro Version.


  • All signatures are legally binding
  • Documents can be sent to more than one recipient


  • Encryption to ensure security comes at an added cost

3. RightSignature

rightsignature vs docusign

RightSignature will allow users to sign PDF documents easily and quickly. With this service you can apply mobile signatures, typed signature and even hand-written mouse signatures. You can also apply signatures to Word Document. Signers can sign the document on their iPad and iPhone using the RightSignature iOS app.


  • Signing is fast and efficient
  • Signatures are legally binding
  • You can upload documents for signing from cloud services such as Google Drive


  • It is not clear the measures taken to ensure document security

Part 2 Best Alternative to DocuSign, EchoSign and RightSignature

docusign echosign

If you want an alternative to DocuSign, EchoSign and RightSignature that has all the advantages the three have while lacking their shortcomings, Wondershare SignX is the eSignature service you should be using. This service is designed to ensure that you can easily sign your documents very quickly and efficiently. One of the main advantages you will enjoy when you use SignX has to be ease of use as well as the ability to create signatures in various ways including the ability to upload a pre-made signature.

The following are some of the other features that SignX brings to the table.

  • All signatures that you apply to any document using SignX are 100% legal and just as enforceable as the hand-written ones. You never have to worry about the legality of the document.
  • Document management with SignX is highly simplified allowing you to keep signatures moving and easily monitor documents that have already been signed. You can even monitor the documents from various mobile devices.
  • Encryption and Password protection are prominent features of SignX. The security of your document is taken very seriously since the services utilizes the strongest in commercial SSL encryption protocols.
  • You can also personalize and modify the document to be signed using a simple drag and drop formula. Delivery of the document to the signees is also seamless and easy.
  • Real time notifications ensure that you are always aware that the document has been opened, read and signed.

Part 3Comparison Chart among DocuSign, EchoSign and RightSignature

Service DocuSign EchoSign RightSignature

From $10-$135 (Free 30-day Trial Available)

From $9.99 a month to $30 a month with a 30-day free trial.

From $12 a month to $99 a month with a 5-document free trial


4.0-stars user rating

4.0- stars use rating

4.5-stars user rating

Running Speed

Quite Fast on all devices

It is faster than most on most devices

Considerably slower especially on mobile devices


Signatures are legal although signer authentication costs extra

Signatures are legal and enforceable in most countries

Signatures are legal and enforceable in most countries


Custom API integrations, security codes and Access Codes guarantee security.

Availability of access codes provides some level of security for the documents being signed

Access Codes can be applied to the document for added security


Integrates with SharePoint, Salesforce and other APIs including Google Drive and Dropbox.

Integrates with, Google Drive, Dropbox. SharePoint and Salesforce

Doesn’t integrate with SharePoint

Mobile Apps Availability

Apps Available for iOS Android and Widows Devices

Available for Android and iOS devices

Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices

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