HelloSign VS DocuSign - Which One is Better

For those who are well aware of the electronic signing process, names like HelloSign, DocuSign, EchoSign, SignX etc. are easily recognizable. Have you wondered how does it fair when the competition is HelloSign VS DocuSign? Or HelloSign VS EchoSign? If yes then you are in luck. This page is devoted to comparing HelloSign VS DocuSign and other prominent e-signing tools like EchoSign. Find out who lacks where and who reigns there.

Part 1 HelloSign VS DocuSign, the Features Comparison


signnow vs docusign

HelloSign is the digital signature app that allows you to proficiently upload documents using drag and drop functionality. The process of signing documents is also fairly easy. If you want a simple and quick solution, HelloSign proves itself as one.

  • Integrating with third party apps like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. is possible
  • No complication is involved in the software
  • Security involved in HelloSign is bank level
  • Can be integrated with Google business applications


docusign vs signnow

DocuSign delivers you the ability to sign your documents using electronic signatures that are accepted in the court of law. Signing documents from multiple locations by multiple people made stress-free by DocuSign. It makes sufficient features and variety of price packages available!

  • The interface is browser based, no download necessary
  • Can use various devices to sign, send and manage documents
  • Expiration settings and reminders can be set for an envelope
  • Can send a direction to all involved parties in a message along with the document.

Part 2 HelloSign VS DocuSign, Which One is Cost-Effective

HelloSign Pricing

  • Free Plan - Allows you to edit 3 documents every month but doesn't offer templates. Only one sender can be involved.
  • Pro Plan - $13 if you choose to pay annually and $15 if you choose to pay on per month basis. Unlimited document signing.
  • Business Plan - $40 if you opt for annual billing and $50 for monthly billings. It provides all the Pro features along with templates and multiple sender facilities.
  • Enterprise Plan - It provides all Pro and Business features and many extras, depending upon various factors. The quote can be requested from the company.

DocuSign Pricing

  • Personal - At $10 per month, the personal plan lets you sign 5 documents per month with basic fields. Mobile application available.
  • Standard - Costs $25 per month per user, it offers features like personalized branding, notifications, reminders etc.
  • Business Pro - At $40 per user per month, you get unlimited document signing and sending with more advanced features like advanced fields, signer attachments etc.
  • Advanced Solution - Like an enterprise plan, you can get a plan custom made for your company by requesting the company for a quote. It offers features from Pro and Standard along with a few extras.

Part 3 Pros and Cons of HelloSign and DocuSign

The following are the pros and cons of each to get a clear picture of which one you should choose.

1. HelloSign


  • Supports both windows and mac
  • Provides two level authentication service
  • Receiving notifications regarding document status is possible
  • Integration with Microsoft, Evernote etc. is seamless


  • Costlier than other alternatives
  • Setting up and syncing Google apps, not a smooth experience
  • Sending documents through open emails make it vulnerable to attack

2. DocuSign


  • Reduces signature turnaround time as much as 78%
  • Signing groups or any signer feature present
  • Easy to use for all parties involved
  • A good tool for businesses and entrepreneurs


  • The connector for Salesforce not robust
  • Doesn't offer contract management facilities
  • Creating now forms is tedious business

Part 3 HelloSign VS EchoSign VS SignX

The following is a price breakdown for both services so you know exactly what you'll get with every package.

1. HelloSign VS SignX

cudasign vs docusign

A tough competitor for HelloSign as well as DocuSign, SignX uses a very simple approach to online digital signing. The interface is easy to understand and clutter free. With the drag and drop facility, uploading documents and signing them is a seamless process! Some of its main features are:

  • Legally binding signatures
  • Sign and get signatures to close deals faster
  • Templates embedded to save time
  • Bulk sends feature available
  • Provision of end to end encryption
  • Passcode to double authenticate the people involved
  • Custom branding

2. HelloSign VS EchoSign

HelloSign VS EchoSign

A product from the popular name of Adobe also provides decent competition to HelloSign and DocuSign. It is an enterprise program that enables businesses to handle their electronic signing needs very easily and quickly. The interface is not full of information and thus, understanding how to use it is pretty easy.


  • Used by fortune companies like Kia, Groupon etc.
  • Can be connected with Salesforce and others like SharePoint
  • The management app can be installed on both Android and iOS.


  • You might have to separately pay for various upgrades
  • There will be a bundle of features that only advanced users can use
  • Adobe is famous to be costly
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