SignNow Support - Common Issues and Solutions for CudaSign

Like any other software related service, SignNow does from time to time fail to work as it should. As such the SignNow support offers answers to the most recurring questions through various articles and other means. These articles are aimed at helping the average SignNow user get the best out of the system while avoiding some common mistakes and pitfalls. This type of customer service is essential if a company is going to be useful to its customers and SignNow understands this fully.

The following is a description of how the SignNow Support Process works and the various recurrent problems SignNow users face and how to mitigate them.

Part 1 Effective Ways to Get SignNow Help

The support structure of any organization is at the core of how well it serves its clients or not. Therefore, it is vital for the support section to not just be informative but also accessible at all times. The following is how to get in touch with SignNow support should you ever need to.

The type of customer support options available to the SignNow user will depend on the package the user is subscribed to. Here's how it breaks down.

Business Premium and Enterprise Subscriber Support

Enterprise and Business Premium Subscribers get priority support via phone and email respectively. If you are a Business Premium or Enterprise subscriber, you can find the email address of phone number to use in your SignNow Admin Console. Only the Admin (the person whose details are on the account) and not a team leader can contact SignNow customer support.

Business of Free Trial Subscriber Support

For Business or free trial account holders, you can get answers to questions you may have at although you can also send an email to SignNow support. The emails will however not be prioritized but will be answered.

Part 2 Common Issues and Solutions to CudaSign

The following are some of the most common issues you are likely to face when using CudaSign and how you can get past them.

1. How to Change your Email Address

Sometimes you can seek to move your account to a new email address for varied reasons. SignNow allows for this but the document and templates in that account will have to be moved manually. Also changing your email address will remove the old email address from the existing account.

To do this begin by creating a new free trial account with the email you would like to use. Then, log in to your old account and click on the "Admin Console" button. You should see the option "Change email for this account." Click on it and the enter the email addresses you'd like to transfer your subscription to. Click "Submit" and your email will have been changed.

2. How Do I Set Up Multiple Signers?

Every user knows how to add one signer, but what if you need to have more than one signer? The solution is very easy. Click on the document on your dashboard and then click on "Edit Signers" to add more signers.

Select a signer and then add the fields that you would like the signer to fill on your document. Repeat the process for each signer and you're done.

3. How to Apply a Password or SMS protection to a Document

To further add security to the document being signed, you can add an authentication code that can be a password or a text message. To do this, follow the "Invite to Sign" link and then follow the steps to invite others to sign. Choose the "SMS text" message authentication and enter a phone number before clicking on "Send Invite".

When the signer receives the invite, they will click "Send Password" and the password will be set to them over SMS. They will then type in the password and click "Unlock" to open the document and sign it.

Part 4The Best Solution for SignNow Support

signnow support

While CudaSign is one of the best e-signature systems in the world, it is not ideal when you seek a simple solution. That simple solution is SignX that makes the process of signing documents very easy. The authenticated signature that you can create quite easily with SignX can be easily added to any document that you upload to the service. Adding a passcode to further secure the document can be done by a simple passcode that you can easily share with the signers.

Sharing the document for signing is also quite easy. You need only add their email addresses and drag and drop the fields where you would like the signatures to appear before sending the document for signing. This solution while effective, adds an air of simplicity to a process that can be quite complicated with other programs. You are less likely to experience any problems and when you do, SignX will be the most effective solution.

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