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A Full Comparison: RightSignature VS DocuSign

The e-signature applications have enabled faster and more efficient business processes in recent years and DocuSign and RightSignature are extremely crowded in the E-Signature software service. It’s believed that many users are confused of which is the better e-signature expert between DocuSign vs RightSignature 2017 comparison. Debate of these two most popular competitors has been raging on for quite some time now and makes it harder for everyday users to make their real selections. Here, this article will discover a full comparison of them to make choice somewhat easier for e-sign users.

Part 1 RightSignature VS DocuSign - Features


rightsignature vs docusign

RightSignature, the brainchild of software development company Citrix, has been in use by millions of global users for quite some time. It gives users multiple options and features when it comes to signing and managing forms, agreements, contracts, and other types of documents that require signature approvals.

To begin with, it allows you to upload different file formats for signing, including Word, PDF, Excel, and PNG image files. You can then add date boxes, text fields, checkboxes and other bits of information alongside the e-signature boxes before sending it out to recipients for signing. Users can also insert handwritten signatures, custom branding, 256-bit SSL encryption, and robust authentication protocols for legally-binding signatures.


docusign vs authentisign

DocuSign is one of the oldest e-signature and document management systems to be found online. Over the years, it’s morphed from a simple e-signature application to a digital document management system with millions of users worldwide. As such, DocuSign comes with one of the most comprehensive features on the market, sometimes making the RightSignature Vs DocuSign debate feel one-sided.

With DocuSign, you can upload and append signatures on multiple file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, PNG, JPEG, and other popular file types. You can also convert forms into PDF. Other features include automatic tag placing, document markup, unlimited templates, recipient permissions, document corrections, advanced authentication using email, SMS, and social identity, offline signing, payment processing, watermarks, audit trails, and a ton of other features that can never be covered in any one review.

Part 2 RightSignature VS DocuSign - Pricing


RightSignature comes as the cheaper option in this comparison of DocuSign vs RightSignature, though it’s still quite expensive compared to other e-signatures in the market. Prices start at $12/month for a single team member on the Personal plan. Features here include hand-drawn signatures, guided signing, biometric authentication, email alerts, among others. Business plans start at $60/month for 3 team members, with access to features such as mass-distribution of documents, custom branding, website embedding, branding, and shared templates.

For a minimum of $99/month, users can get an advanced plan that gives them access to the developer API and Knowledge-Based-Authentication (KBA).


For its boatload of features, it’s not a surprise that DocuSign is the pricier option in the pricing choice comparison between RightSignature Vs DocuSign. For the Personal plan, one user gets 5 documents per month, a mobile app, and basic fields for $10/month paid annually or $15 paid monthly. For the Standard plan, one user gets personalized branding, reminders and notifications in addition to features on the Personal plan for $25/month paid annually or $40 paid monthly.

The Business Pro plan gets a single user advanced text fields, bulk sending, in-person signatures, and signer attachments for a hefty $40/month paid annually or $60 paid monthly.

Part 3 Best DocuSign and RightSignature Alternative - SignX

authentisign vs docusign

Users looking to run away from the RightSignature Vs DocuSign debate for simple e-signature solutions will definitely find SignX an amazing alternative to DocuSign and RightSignature. As an efficient and time-saving e-signature app, SignX gives users an intuitive platform for appending digital signatures in lower cost and only a few simple steps is required to complete the whole electronic signature process.

It makes it completely simple to drag and drop to upload and the same process for signing. This results in reduced amount of time and efforts on a document and thus, improved workflow in the organization.

Because it’s cloud-based, you can append signatures from any device, irrespective of its operating system. You simply log in (there’s a free trial account with 5 sends to help you get started), create a signature, upload a PDF document, add a signer, and send the document for signing to your recipients. If there’s a document you need to sign, you’ll get a notification on your user dashboard, which also lets you know who has signed and who hasn’t.

You also get a neat document management system with all signed and unsigned documents saved for your convenience.

SignX also features two-factor authentication and saves an audit trail to guarantee the legality and security of your signatures. Users also get document editing features, pixel-perfect signatures, streamlined workflows, and real-time notifications as a plus, making SignX the most cost-efficient e-signing application in its class.

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