How to Get a Digital Signature

Digital signatures are already very secure the use of the public and private key during the creation of the signature makes this security all too real. But Digital signatures need to be verified to not only ensure their authenticity but also to ensure that the information contained in the digital signature is correct and authentic. The whole process of verifying a digital signature is not very difficult as we shall see shortly. But before we look at how to verify a digital signature, let's begin with the rules of digital signature verification.

Part 1 How to Get Digital Signature

The process of getting a digital signature begins with getting a digital signature certificate. The following are the steps to follow when getting a digital signature.

Step 1: Choose a Digital Signature Certificate Authority

The first step when choosing a digital signature is to find a suitable Certificate Authority. There are many available although not all may be suitable for your needs. To begin with, choose a certificate authority that is based in your country of origin. This is both for legal reasons as well as proximity.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Digital Certificate

There are different types and classes of digital certificates. The one you choose will depend on what your needs are. For instance, an individual will choose perhaps the not so stringent Class 1 digital certificate and then select the client certificate that is primarily used to authenticate the names and email addresses used in a transaction. A software company seeking to authenticate their products may choose a code certificate.

Step 3: Apply and Get Digital Signature with Public and Private Key

Once you’ve selected the certificate you wish to get and use, the final step is signing up for the digital signature. Although the process depends on the Certifying Authority you use, the main process involves entering your information, selecting the duration you want to use the signature and paying for the certificate.

Part 2 Tools for you to Get Digital Signature

If you are wondering which certificate Authority to use to get your digital signature, the following are some of the best.

1. GlobalSign

how to get digital signature

GlobalSign is one of the most prominent Certificate Authorities in the business. It is useful to small businesses and large enterprises and will offer SSL certificates, document signing, Secure email certificates, code signing certificates and more.

2. Digicert

how to get a digital signature

Digicert offers digital certificates for large enterprises like GitHub, BMW, PayPal and other leading brands, small businesses and even individuals. As one of the most popular Certificate Authorities, Digicert ensures the best in encryption, helping businesses and individuals alike deploy PKI security for all their systems. Digital certificates are available for document signing, EV code signing, Code Signing and Client signing among other encryption services that Digicert is involved in including SSL certificates.

3. Symantec

get digital signature

It is one of the most expensive Certificate Authorities but also one that comes with the most customizable features. Each certificate purchased at Symantec includes an ECC256-bit encryption. You also get UC and DSA support for certificates purchased.

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