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Documents that are generated electronically are often required to be signed electronically as well. This is in line with keeping a paperless environment and not having to rely on scanning and printing documents to have them signed and emailed. There is a short cut to this tedious process and that is signing the PDF documents electronically. Today, we list down some cool signature generators that you can use to create your electronic signature.

Part 1A Fancy Signature Generator You Need

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The first step towards having a cool electronic signature is getting a cool signature generator. To help you with that, we are providing you with the coolest of them all, the holy grail of all amazing signature generator: Wondershare SignX.

This fancy signature generator generates your signatures in style. Packed with numerous other cool features, this is the only solution that you will need in this domain. This cool signature generator allows you to type a name and it instantly converts it into a cool signature. These signatures are legally binding and are generated within seconds. The software is very cost-effective when you consider the security and legality it bears. Also, the mobile app of SignX lets you sign your documents on the go!

Part 2More Amazing Cool Signature Generators

1. Zippysig

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As the name suggests, this super cool and zippy signature generator is an efficient and quick signature generator. It caters individual as well as teams. Zippysig has a nice technical support and offers its users simplicity in creating and distributing electronically signed emails.

This cool signature generator also has a dashboard with a range of various customization options. All in all, a really cool signature generator for you and your team.

2. CompanySig

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CompanySig offers a simple 4-step process to generate and add your electronic email signature to an email or document. This cool signature generator is especially designed for email signatures, which means you will have a text and photo based signature, and not the artsy ink-like signature. Four steps include entering your details like name and company, uploading your photo (that is optional), and then copying the signature paste-able on signature boxes and voila! Actually, the fourth step is just sitting back and relaxing on a job well done.

CompanySig has a pretty big drawback too. It just recently migrated its website from its previous servers, so the service requires signup of all users again. And we might add that for a service claiming to be so easy-to-use, the signup process is a bit long and undesirable.

3. Signature Maker

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Signature Maker is a web-based tool created solely for the purpose of creating your e-signature. It is based on HTLM5, so you will need a good browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (it will also work with Safari, newer Internet Explorers or any other recent browser).

There are two ways this cool signature generator lets you create your signatures; by drawing or by typing. The former will give you a pencil tool to draw it as you want and the latter will ask you to enter your name and will generate a signature automatically. It also lets you create email signatures.

4. Online Signature Maker (by Mobilefish)

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A very popular cool signature generator by Mobilefish does not have a pleasant interface, but it sure gives you a lot of functionalities to consider using it. With this pretty signature generator, you can create signatures in three ways: by drawing your signature, by typing your name, and create a pixelated signature.

It gives you animated signatures too, if you want a fancy signature generator. You also get options to customize your font, size, color, background and even animation speed and loops to curate the perfect signature for you.

5. Contractually

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Especially designed to handle contracts more efficiently, Contractually is a cloud based SaaS solution that focuses on letting teams work in the best way possible. The primary feature being their e-signing, it goes beyond that and provides a platform that offers negotiating, editing, initiation of contracts and many other cool features to improve your productivity.

Contractually is an amazing signature generator as well, with sophisticated and legally binding signature generation. A big drawback of this software is that it is too expensive if you will use it just as a pretty signature generator.

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