Top 5 Strongest EchoSign Competitors

EchoSign is an e-signing solution from Adobe and has a large user base. EchoSign is an effective solution to the e-signing problems and lets users have other flexible options apart from e-signing. However, EchoSign has its drawbacks too. For example, it is a bit too pricey for a huge chunk of users. Starting at $20 per month per user, it is not always the affordable solution. Also, there are EchoSign competitors on the market that really throw this one out of the park with their long list of added features that let users do tricks that would normally be quite complicated for average users. The need for alternative signing software is high, and today we bring you a comprehensive list of EchoSign competitors that you should try.

Part 1Top 5 EchoSign Competitors

1. Wondershare SignX

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The worthy rival and competitor of Wondershare SignX has captured a huge market with its extensive list of features, user-friendliness and smooth integration with other work-related software. It gives you a whole long list of features, and at a fraction of a price of Adobe EchoSign.

It lets you sign your documents, collaborate them with your coworkers or other recipients, gives you 256-bit AES encryption to keep your documents secure, lets you sign documents (that are legally binding) on the go and save them on the cloud.

All of this compacted with a great deal of other features put it right in front of all EchoSign competitors. If you are looking for a complete competitor to EchoSign, an industry-grade solution and that too at a cheap price, you should go with this one. At $6.99/month, it is the most reasonably priced powerful software solution for your signing needs.

2. DocHub

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DocHub provides a nifty little list of features that are quite effective and can do most of your tasks. It is, however, not as powerful as EchoSign. It focuses on few functionalities that are the most common and does them well.

Compared to EchoSign, it really is a bargain but when we compare it to SignX, it does not look so good with barely half the features and the same price. DocHub costs you $6.99 per month on their month-to-month package. It is a great EchoSign competitor you should consider.

3. DocuSign

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DocuSign is a great option for people who want to switch from Adobe EchoSign. It has a great user base and happy clientele. It has iOS, Android and Windows apps to let you sign your documents on the go. It allows custom branding and reusable templates that can save time.

This EchoSign competitor is pretty pricey and will cost you at least $10 per month for a personal user. Plans for businesses are a lot higher; $40 for business and $135 for business premium. It also costs extra for signer authentication. Another drawback is that its support is community-based for all plans except for Enterprise which is priced substantially higher.

4. HelloSign

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HelloSign is another great competitor for EchoSign as it has extensive API integrations. It notifies you on document status and has a lot of custom branding option, but only for Business and Enterprise plans. It also has templates but they are with paid subscriptions which is a drawback.

All in all, it is a great solution but is quite expensive compared to others. Its free version lets you sign 3 documents a month. Pro version costs $13 per month (when bought annually), and business version costs $40 per month. That, when compared to other solutions like SignX, is considerably higher.

5. RightSignature

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RightSignature is a reasonably good signing solution and requires no downloads and no plugins. Apps for iOS, Android and even Blackberry are available, if you are one of the old-school people who still owns a Blackberry, Right Signature is for you.

Its major drawback is that it does not integrate with SharePoint, which is a deal breaker for a lot of people. Pricing of Right Signature is $12/month for Personal, $60/month for Business and a whopping $99/month for Business Plus.

Part 2How to Choose a Good EchoSign Competitor

  • When buying an EchoSign competitor, you should consider a solution that is reasonably priced, has all the necessary features, and is also powerful enough to carry out your daily signing needs.
  • The ideal solution would be the one that can be integrated with other software and services like Salesforce, Google Docs, Dropbox and Google Drive etc. easily.
  • It should also keep your documents secure so they do not end up in the wrong hands.
  • Another useful thing is Cloud backup, because it is always good to have a backup in case of accidents.
  • A good e-signing platform would keep you notified on the status of your documents as you send it to get signed by other parties.
  • Most important of all, your e-signing solution should provide legally binding signatures.
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