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HTML signature generator is a program or a service which will generate the signatures from a simple text and will provide you the HTML code of those signatures. These codes can be embedded on a website or can be added to the email account.

Most of the signatures created online does not have the legal value but are just not more than a picture. The only good thing about online services is that you can modify the font of the text, can add different social icons and re-arrange the whole signature for your needs. These email or HTML signature generators are mostly the online services which can be use from any tablet or computer.

Part 1Top 5 HTML Signature Generators

1. Wondershare SignX

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Wondershare SignX is a complete online tool which can be used to upload the PDF documents, sign them and send them to different persons at the same time. Apart from these features, it also embeds a very unique feature which will give you the real time tracking information about a document, opening and reading. So, if you have signed a paper and sent it to someone, you will know when the other person has checked or read the document.

Apart from that, it also lets you add strong password on the document which uses the SSL encryption protocol to keep your document very safe. The user-interface of the program is designed in such an amazing way that it makes it really easy to create signature faster as compared to all other programs. Lastly, the price is very cheap as compared to all other solutions available.

2. HelloSign

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HelloSign+ is another famous signature generating tool which provides online services. It is mostly known as the tool to upload, sign and track the documents. The only advantage of using HelloSign+ is that it will automatically integrate with the Google drive which makes it easy to add the document from the cloud service to the HelloSign+.

However, apart from this feature, this email signature generator does not have some good templates for the signatures and the program is pretty expensive. If you want more to add more than one template, it may cost you more than $40 per month. Moreover, there is no In-person signature option available for the PDF documents. All in all, the price of the program is pretty higher as compared to the features that it provides.

3. HtmlSig

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HtmlSig is one of the best services that can be used to generate HTML or Email signatures. The user-interface of the email signature generator is pretty amazing and it comes with hundreds of icons for different social media or links to your website. For example; if you are an app developer, you can add link of your App from the iTunes or Google Play Store in the Signature Tab.


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With the minimalistic user-interface, couple of templates and five different tabs, it will let you create the perfect signatures for your Email. The email signature generator does not include any complicated option and you don't even have to select the Template for the signatures. Just click on “Create Signature” and begin the signature generating process.

In the first tab, add your personal and professional details while the second tab will let you add the details related with your Social media accounts. However, a watermark is added at the end of the signature. The output signature does not have the HTML code but it is just a photo which can be set in the properties of your Inbox.

5. NewOldStamp

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It is a great yet a unique way to create signature on the internet and the created signatures can easily be added on the Gmail, downloaded in the form of a photo, or can added to other email clients such as Yahoo mail or Outlook.

This email signature generator will not let you modify the template in the free version, yet you can add new name, Job Description, change the font or can change the color of the fond in the signature. With the premium version, there are unlimited possibilities to create the signatures, however, affordability is still another issue. Moreover, even the sizing, shape and adding a photo is available only in the pro-version.

Part 2Email Signature Generator and HTML Signature Generator

Email Signature Generator is a program which can be used to create new signatures for your Email account. This online service usually contains a plenty of templates and you just have to add your information such as your name, Job Title, LinkedIn Account information and the Signature will be automatically created. Now, this signature can either be exported in the form of an image or you can get the HTML code, both can be added by navigating to the settings in the Email account.

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