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We live in an online world. And in such world, signatures play a huge role. A simple and easy signature can make your email, document, letter, or anything else look professional and sleek. There are number free signature makers you can use to create your professionally looking signature. Customer experience is crucial in the world we live in, and one thing that improves the experience is professionally looking signature. You need to pay attention to details, and that is where free signature makers come in handy. That being said, let's take a look at some of your options.

Part 15 Best Free Online Signature Makers

1. Wondershare SignX

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We are starting off with Wondershare SignX, a great signature maker for names online. The software comes with a number of features. But most importantly, the signature is legally binding, and cost effective.

There are three ways you can make signature with SignX, including drawing one, typing one, and uploading a signature. Another popular feature is sign as you go. You can sign all the documents and emails that require your signature anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.


  • Available for mobile, tablet, and desktop computers
  • Different options for creating a signature
  • Full-featured software
  • Signature applicable to more than just emails
  • Signatures are with legality
  • Get signatures fast and secure
  • Great customer services and great discount

2. HelloSign

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HelloSign also offers option to make an online signature for free. The software helps you sign documents and serves as your cloud-based provider for electronic signatures online. With their free signature maker, you can generate unique free signature online that you can use to sign documents and emails.


  • If you want, you can use templates for signing documents
  • Custom branding for your enterprise signature


  • The signature maker is free, but the software in general is pricey
  • Some processes are not ironed out

3. WiseStamp

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WiseStamp is one of the most commonly used free signature makers for your email. The application serves as a Chrome extension, but you can create a signature no matter if you use Chrome or not. Once you enter the website, you'll need to enter information like name, phone, email, company, and social media accounts. After you enter the info, the website will generate a signature for you.


  • Lots of info on your signature
  • Free and extremely easy to use
  • Ability to share social profiles and promote information


  • Too generic
  • No option for handwritten signature
  • Your signature comes with WiseStamp logo and promotion

4. Sigwich

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Sigwich is another free signature maker you can use for creating your own signature for emails. Some of the info you can add to your signature includes custom salutation, name, company name, website, email, phone, address, "text me feature", photo, logo, email legal disclaimer, as well as social network icon. Even though it is free and easy to use, Sigwich is great for businesses. You can customize your email, and stop sending plain old emails. With six different layouts, Sigwich can be configured any way you like.


  • Your email is personalized
  • Promote social profiles
  • Text me feature is practical
  • Versatility


  • No support for Mac. There should be Safari support in the future
  • Works only on your computer
  • It is recommended that you change your homepage to Sigwich

5. Exclaimer Signature Creator

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Moving on to Exclaimer free email signature maker, a tool that allows you to build and use your own signature. Exclaimer received the Queens award for enterprise in 2016. Not all of their products are free, but the signature maker is one of the free products.


  • Different types of signature (personal, corporate, social media, branding)
  • Different types of layouts for your signature


  • Complicated process that takes a lot of time
  • No option for creating different signatures

Part 2How to Make Signature by the Best Free Signature Makers

Wondershare SignX allows you to add signature to your email or document in three different ways. And that is one of the biggest advantages SignX has over the competition. The three types of signature include: drawing, typing, and uploading a picture.

Step 1: Make Signature by Yourself

Click "Create a Signature" and a new window will pop up. And there are three options to make signature: Draw, Type and Upload.

  • Choose "Draw" signature, and use your mouth to draw your signature. If you like, choose different color
  • Choose "Type" in signature and then type in your signature.
  • Choose "Upload" option and click "Select your signature" to browse your computer and upload your handwritten signature.

Step 2: Send Documents for Signature

You can click "Send for Signature" and upload a PDF which you want to others to sign. Then add the recipients email address. Click "Next" and click on recipients' email address. Then you can add signature fields for them. Just click "Signature" "Date" "Title" or "Company" to set signature location for them. Then click on "Send for Signature".

Step 3: Make Signature by Others

The recipients will receive the signature request email as soon as you click on "Send for Signature". When they open it, they should see a button "Sign the Document". Click on it and open the documents in browser. And then the recipients can make signature on it.

As soon as they sign the document, you will get notification and you can then manage the documents as you like.

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