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When people think of digital signatures, they think they look generic, nothing like your original handwritten signature. But that is one of the biggest misconceptions about online signatures. With the right handwritten signature maker, you can create a signature that looks as handwritten as ever. The trick is to find the appropriate software that will make your digital signature look like a handwritten signature. That being said, what is the best handwritten signature maker you can find? We take a look at the five best options, and it is up to you to choose the one you see fit.

Part 1The Best Handwritten Signature Maker

1. SignX

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No matter if you are new to the digital world or an old computer expert, Wondershare SignX is an electronic signature creator that can be easily used by all. Creating electronic signatures is the easiest with SignX. It imposes no compulsion on you for a specific type of signature; you can choose the type of signature on your preference.

Here is a quick breakdown of the features you get. For starters, you can platform that can help you create legally binding signature. All your signatures and documents are very well protected thanks to encryption, passcode protection, and even redaction. Whenever you send document, you can protect it with unique passcode. Last, but not least, you get complete audit trail of the entire process. As for the process of signing, you can sign documents from anywhere, any time. Because the software comes with app, you can sign documents from your cell phone as well.

There are three ways you can create handwritten signature with SignX. The first one is by drawing, the second by typing, and by uploading picture.

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Step 1: Create Handwritten Signature by Drawing or Uploading

Click "Create a Signature" button after you log in your account. In the "Create a Signature" window, you can either choose the "Draw" option to draw a handwritten signature using your mouth, or choose the "Upload" option to find a picture of your handwritten signature you want to use.

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Step 2: Add Handwritten Signature to PDF

After you create your own handwritten signature, you can click on "Send New Document" and upload a PDF you want to add signature on it. Click "Next" and add recipients if you want others to sign the PDF too. Remember to check "I need to sign the document".

Click "Next" to continue and check the "I agree to use Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure" to make your signature legal.

Then just click "Signature", drag and drop your handwritten signature to the PDF. If you want others to sign it too, you should click on their email and set signature fields. Then click "Send for Signature".

Part 2Other 4 Handwritten Signature Makers

2. RightSignature

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Let's start with RightSignature, a handwritten signature maker made by Citrix, the same company that made GoToMeeting. The software has great reputation. However, consumers use others software more. One of the reasons why RightSignature does not get nearly as many consumers as it should is because it misses SharePoint integration. That being said, let's take a look at the pros and cons.


  • App for Android, iOs, and Blackberry available
  • No plugins, no downloads
  • Templates and custom branding available
  • Easy and simple to use interface


  • No SharePoint integration
  • No way to push active documents from Adobe directly into RightSignature
  • Creating templates is time consuming
  • No option to import PDF with fillable fields

3. SignEasy

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SignEasy is the next option we would like to offer you. A cloud-based handwritten signature maker, SignEasy allows users to send documents to mobile devices. After the documents are signed, they are returned to the source. And they are saved on desktop and mobile devices. All handwritten signatures are protected by four-digit passcode.


  • Ink signature pad renders a smooth curve on the screen
  • You can transfer documents between devices easily
  • You can download and send documents from multiple devices
  • You can email a final copy or save it to the cloud, in the same way like Google Drive and Dropbox save your documents


  • Users need to turn off automatic renewal so that they are not charged
  • Only seven-day trial version, after which you have to pay

4. HelloSign

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HelloSign is another handwritten signature maker you can use. All the documents signed by HelloSign are legally binding, same as with other software tools. There are many features companies can use like custom branding, in-person signing, audit trail, ready templates and much more.


  • Great references, as Twitter and Samsung use HelloSign
  • Templates with paid subscription
  • API integrations


  • Some people have complained that the interface is difficult to use
  • Pricey compared to competitors

5. CudaSign

handwritten signature maker

Last, but not least, we would like to introduce you to SignNow. The software was previously known as CudaSign, and it is a great handwritten signature maker. Mashable, Forbes and Inc. Magazine have given their stamp of approval. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Upload forms
  • You can manage documents and share templates in the network
  • You can archive documents
  • Check status and history of documents
  • Salesforce and SharePoint integration is available with premium plans


  • Phone and email support is available only for Premium plants
  • Some users have complained it takes long time to save documents
  • Audit trail does not include to whom the document was emailed to
  • No central archive for users within the same team.
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