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How to Create Reusable Template in Quick Way

The ways documents are signed have been changing in recent times. With the improvement of technology, electronic signature is becoming the most preferred type of document signing especially in professional settings. It is important to note that there are certain documents that would always be sent out for signature repeatedly. In this case, setting up the fields all the time for the signature will become time consuming as well as cumbersome. This is why reusable templates are very important because the come in handy. Creating the necessary templates saving them to be reused will help ensure documents can be sent off for signing in just few clicks.

Part 1What Is Reusable Template Feature of SignX

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Reusable templates in SignX simply create and store reusable templates that can get personalized for the individual recipients. First of all, you create template from an existing document especially the one that is being used frequently. In this case, all necessary fields are added and the signing roles are defined. The advantage of this system is that it makes it easier the next time you need to send documents for signing. For instance, the next time a document is needed to be sent for signature, all that is needed is to select the template and then enter the information of the signing roles already defined by you. This will make sending documents faster and easier as well as standardizing workflows.

In SignX, the reusable template can be created by applying the drag and drop signature and the necessary text fields required for each recipient. With this, you can store them as a reusable template.

Part 2 A Comprehensive Introduction of SignX

Wondershare SignX is a professional electronic signature platform that provides a complete e-signature solution. It is capable of giving users the ability to quickly and securely sign your business documents from anywhere and anytime. SignX is packed with a lot of interesting and powerful features and they include

  • Reusable Templates which is a feature that allows users to easily create and store templates that can be reused when next they send documents for signing instead of creating new one.
  • Multiple Users support allows the management of multiple users in the admin account with ease at anytime and anywhere. .
  • Bulk Send feature allows for the sending of documents to multiple recipient and have them sign their signatures independently.
  • Top notch security with the use of the strongest commercial SSL encryption protocols to keep document secured.
  • Produces Legally binding signatures that meets all the requirement in many countries of the world.
  • Real Time Notifications is a feature that allows you to get real time alerts every time your document gets opened, read or even signed.
  • User friendly interface making it simple and easy to use.
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