How to Do an Electronic Signature

When someone decides on using electronic signatures, the main question they have is, how to do an electronic signature? Electronic signature or e-Signature is a new and secure way to sign your documents digitally. If you are also one of those wondering how to do an electronic signature, you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to explain how to do an e-signature in the easiest and the most secure way. Read on!

Part 1Best Tool to Do an Electronic Signature

how to do an electronic signature

Wondershare SignX sets you free of all constraints. You can sign as you go, no matter the time, place or device. Whether its agreements, contracts or estimates that you need to securely edit and deliver to the other parties and receive their signatures, it makes that as effortless as possible. We have used the tool rigorously, and we loved it.

It can handle the PDF files of around 20MB file size. The interface is so easy to use; you will not even need to see a demo. The processing of the document is quick and neat. It doesn't tamper at all with the format of your document and ensures that the look of the document is intact.

Main features of SignX include:

Part 2How to Do Electronic Signature Easily

1: Do Electronic Signature by Drawing

To do any kind of electronic signing with SignX, you must be registered or logged in on our website. After that, you will be redirected to your home which will display the centralized dashboard for your account. Just below that information, your personal details including your name and email address is displayed. You will easily see the option to "Create Signature" below your personal information.

Click on it and you will get the option to "Draw" your signature using the mouse or touchpad. You can use the eraser or choose from the colors as per convenience.

2: Do Electronic Signature by Typing

If you do not want to use a hand-drawn signature, you will be happy to know that you have a choice with SignX. Click on the "Type" tab on the right of "Draw" and a new little window will open where you can type your name or initials as per your choice. You have color options available here as well.

3: Do Electronic Signature by Uploading Images

If you already have a scanned copy or an image of your handwritten signature on your computer, you can simply click on "Upload" tab on the right of "Type" and then click on "Select Your Signature". After that, you can browse for the image on any location of your computer.

4: Add or Get Signatures

After creating your eSignature, you can easily sign any document you want. You can then also send the document to other recipients and request their signatures. You can write a custom message for them and select the location of their signatures. Recipients can sign your document and send back through email. You can manage your documents by accessing it anytime anywhere just by logging in from any device!

Part 3Useful Tips on How to Do an Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures are a useful revolution for many individuals and businesses. Little tips can make using it easier:

  • Before using eSignature, you should make sure that eSignatures are accepted and are legal in your country.
  • Make sure that your PDF document is encrypted and password protected, with only the recipients aware of the password so that you can be sure that it's really them who are signing the document.
  • Prefer cloud-based eSignature services rather than software that need download and installation for getting your job done quicker.
  • Always make use of the "track" facility provided by your eSignature service to maintain the security of your documents.
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