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Many people and business owners around the globe do not know that these days, electronic signatures are very valid options to the traditional ink on paper options. As a matter of fact, this has been the case ever since the turn of the century when the US created a Federal Law known as Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce act. One of the popular service is RightSignature. Many people cares about the RightSignature pricing. This article will introduce you the pricing of RightSignature for different solutions.

Part 1 RightSignature Features and RightSignature Pricing

rightsignature pricing

If you are looking for an e-signature solution then you will certainly want to go for a solution that has been tested and proven. Of course, there are lots of options in this domain but let’s review one of them that stands a cut above the rest. We are talking of RightSignature, a product by Citrix. This is a software that has made electronic signing quite easy thanks to interface crafted to simulate the pen and paper experience. The process of signing your documents with RightSignature is actually quite straightforward; all you need to do is review any of you documents, fill in any relevant forms if needed then create a wet-like signature with any input device! What’s even cooler is that you can handle documents from many devices be it PCs, IOS or android devices making collaboration super seamless. It gets even better with the powerful API and add ons that will certainly give you control hence reducing the costs of handling documents in any type of business.

Citrix RightSignature pricing is structured into three categories depending on the needs of the user. The cheapest package goes for $12 per month-this one is perfect for individuals. If you are a small business owner, then there is a business package costing $60 per month. The other package that is a jig-saw fit for bigger businesses is the “Additional Plans” that starts at $99 per Month. The latter comes with complex workflows which quite welcome if you are handling lots of documents in your business.

Part 2 Factors You Should Consider besides RightSignature Pricing

Well, electronic signatures have now grown popular owing to a wide array of advantages particularly the conveniences the service offers. So, how do you pick the right e-signature service for your business? Well, this article will highlighting some of the factors you could consider when looking for an e-signature solution that is a perfect fit for your business.

Everyone wants a cheaper and better solution. So, you are perhaps wondering, “which is the right signature solution for your business”? Well, this is a quite common question with many business owners stuck on picking a solution that will work as they keep an eye on reducing the operational costs. Besides RightSignature pricing, here are some of other factors to look into:

The Adaptability To The Nature Of Content You Handle

One of the key factor you would want to look at when picking any e-signature software is the ability to sign every kind of content you want to. In other words, you should ask the package offered for what kind of files the software supports to ensure that you have all the relevant file types in your business are covered.

Business Size

The number of documents you handle also matter in that you need a RightSingature package that covers the number of documents you have. This means that you should assess your business size and ensure the rightSignature solution is the one that quench all your needs.

Compatibility With Other Applications

You should also find out if rightSignature solution can fit seamlessly with other software tools you might be using in your business. Of course, if the RightSignature solution fits with tools like CRM tools, email management software, email marketing software then you will be having your work cut down.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are other factors such as the control the tools affords users, the mobility options available, Ease of validating signatures and of course the costs of acquiring the e-signature tool.

Part 3 A Much Cost-Effective Solution to RightSignature Pricing

citrix rightsignature pricing

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a very good e-signature tool then SignX is certainly the best alternative to go for. This is a tool by Wondershare known for keeping business workflows well-oiled through an array of great features for handling businesses. SignX is not just about legally binding eSignatures but other mouthwatering features like encryption and password protection for documents, advanced document editing tools, reusable templates, real time alerts when your documents are signed or opened coupled with other document management options that saves lots of time and costs!

There you have it. Now you know a thing or two about e-signing tools worth integrating into your business. So, why not try Citrix RightSignature or SignX and see which one works best for you!

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