How to Sign a Contract Online

In a world that is rapidly moving toward digital technologies, the practice of signing physical contracts is slowly on the decline. Today, there are several ways to sign a contract online with robust security and tremendous convenience. Digital signatures are legally valid and will speed up the process of signing contracts. This article talks about how to sign contracts online and why it is the best solution for modern businesses that need to move with speed in a changing business landscape.

How to Sign a PDF Contract Online with Wondershare SignX

Wondershare SignX is the ideal online contract signing tool for all your business needs. Offering advanced features like Bulk Send and signature tracking, it will increase your productivity and drastically reduce turnaround times for business-critical contracts that need to be signed by multiple parties.

Steps to Send and Sign a PDF Contract with SignX

sign a contract online
sign contract online
sign contract online
sign contract online
sign contract online
sign contract online
sign contract online

In the following section, we’ve put together some tips for you to speed up the signing process for your contracts.

Tips to Getting Signers to Sign a Contract Quickly

sign contract online
  • Tip #1:
  • First of all, move away from paper contracts and go digital with your contracts. This allows you to reduce the processing time by cutting courier delivery times and other delays in an easy manner. In addition, digital contracts offer more security options and a host of customization possibilities. Digital contracts can be sent instantly, signed quickly, tracked effectively, and the loop can be closed in a short amount of time, saving you money and effort that would be otherwise wasted on manually following up on physical documents and their signing status.

  • Tip #2:
  • Second, you need to create a sense of urgency by suggesting deadlines and mentioning specific factors that will be impacted by delays in signing. You don’t have to use negative wording; instead, use positive suggestions such as “your timely signature on this document will enable us to provide you with a quick turnaround time for product delivery,” for example. The client or vendor needs to get a clear impression that signing the contract quickly will be good for them so they’ll be motivated to sign the document and send it to you as soon as possible.

  • Tip #3:
  • Follow-up in a timely manner. The importance of this cannot be overstated because a lot of your business-critical functions might be dependent on getting the signatures in place. SignX allows you to send reminders to late signers to e-sign contracts and personalize them so the recipient is not put off or offended in any way. Be mindful that the wording and tone of your reminders are very important in terms of how the receiver perceives the message. Is it too terse? Is it too casual or ambiguous? Does it get to the heart of the matter without causing unpleasant emotions in the receiver? These psychological aspects are crucial to consider, especially when it involves large projects that could be affected by documents not being signed on time.

  • Tip #4:
  • Double- and triple-check your contract for accuracy and clarity. Delays are often caused by ambiguous wording and unclear terms, so make your contracts as concise and clear as possible, while retaining the necessary legal terminology and verbiage that will make it hold up in a court of law. This is critically important if you want your operational workflows to go smoothly and without hiccups caused by unclear documentation of the terms of the agreement.

    Why Wondershare SignX is the Best Choice for Signing Contracts

    SignX not only gives you a comprehensive feature set to better facilitate your contract signing needs but also a high level of personalization that acts as a catalyst for quicker turnaround times. The dashboard gives you a clear view of the signing status of all pending contracts and agreements and the support for multiple OS platforms ensures that you can keep your finger on the pulse of your contracts no matter where you are - your office, your home, or when traveling.

    Digital signatures generated in SignX are legally binding and adhere to the strictest compliance norms prevalent across the world, such as 21CFR Part II and ESIGN. Studies have shown that SignX can reduce the time taken to sign contracts by as much as 90% or more compared to physical documents being sent for signing. It has been calculated that SignX can save your speed your revenue by saving so much

    The three core features of being able to send a contract, sign a PDF contract, and track signatures, enable your business in many ways, making it easier to circulate agreements to multiple signatories and even define the order in which they are signed. There are also templates that you can reuse to personalize your documents for individual signers. SignX also gives you cross-device access on macOS and Windows for more flexibility. One of the most attractive features is the bulk sending and tracking, which gives you the freedom to monitor every document closely to see who has signed and whose signature is still pending.

    sign in bulk

    Your documents can be secured with strong password-based encryption while they’re in transit and get real-time alerts when a document is open, read, and signed. You can do all this from your main dashboard, which gives you full visibility of the status of multiple documents and their progress through the signing process.

    Other features include two-factor authentication support, an edit mode for PDF documents, logs to maintain an audit trail, and the full power of the cloud empowering your contract signing needs.

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