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The world is moving toward paperless office. One third of companies are almost completely paper-free. There will always be lack of confidence in online paper signing, mostly because companies are afraid of security and safeness. But with every passing month and every passing years, managers all around the world accept the fact online contract signing is the future. That being said, in order to sign contracts online, you need a good software tool and asset. We will try to explain how the process goes, and what software you can use to e sign contracts.

Part 1Best Platform to Sign Contracts Online

online contract signing

At this point, we would like to introduce SignX, a product by Wondershare that is designed specifically for online contract signing. First and foremost, we have to point the fact that the documents signed using this software are legally binding. They carry the same legal obligation as hard-copy signed documents.

Also important, the software makes sure that your documents are secured with password and encryption. That being said, there is little to no risk of your documents being lost or hacked in the process. Now, let's take a look at some of the main features of SignX.

Part 2How to Sign a Contract Online

As one of the best software out there for online contract signing, SignX offers two ways for you to sign contracts online. The first one is to ask others to sign the document, and the other is to sign the document yourself.

1. How to Ask for Others to Sign contracts Online

In most cases, you will use the software to ask other people, your associates and clients to sign the documents. Here is a step by step guide how to do it.

Step 1: Upload Contract

Login in your account. Click on "Send New Document" and then click "+" to upload a contract you want others to sign. The maximum file size of a document is 20MB

Step 2: Add Recipients and Set Fields for Signature

Once the contract is uploaded, you need to enter the email addresses of all recipients. You can protect your document with a unique pass code. Only your recipients will know the code

The next step is adding signature location, as well as time, name, company and title. You can add all signature fields using drag and drop.

Step 3: Send for Contract Signing

The last step is sending the document for signature by clicking "Send for Signature". You will have to wait for others to sign it.

After you've sent the document for signing, you can manage and check the process the entire time. As mentioned when we explained features, you'll get notifications every step of the way.

2. How to Sign Contracts Online by Yourself

Some contracts, even though they are prepared by you, require your own signature. The good news is that SignX allows you to sign contracts as well as others. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Create Your Signature

Start by logging in your account. Once you are logged, you need to create your own signature. There are three ways to create a signature using SignX. The first one is by drawing the signature, the second is by typing it, and the last one is by uploading a picture with your signature. You can chose whatever suits you best.

Step 2: Upload Contract and Click "I need to sign the document"

Now that your signature is created, you need to sign the document. But first, you need to upload the document. You can upload the file document from your own computer, your cellphone, or from a cloud-based service.

In the next step, where you need to enter emails of recipients, add your own email as a recipient. There is also an option to check the box "I need to sign the document". This way, you will sign the document, and you can enter email addresses of other recipients.

Step 3: Sign Contracts Online

Sign your contract online by drag and drop your own signature, and then send it. As always, once the document is sent, you can manage via your centralized dashboard. There, you will can check the status of the document and see when and from where people are signing the document.

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