How to Add an Electronic Signature to Google Docs

The current technology has made it easier to apply electronic signatures even to the Google Docs. If you need to sign your documents with Google Docs, there is no need to worry. You can apply electronic signatures to Google Docs using different Google Docs electronic signature software. To apply electronic signatures to Google Docs you need to upload your document to software and then use it to add the created signatures.

Part 1Steps for Adding Electronic Signature to Google Docs

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You can easily add electronic signatures to Google Docs using HelloSign. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Google Doc that you want to sign.
  • Click on add-ons and search for HelloSign.
  • Click "Just Me" you will be prompted to draw your signature using your mouse and save it.
  • Drag and drop the signature to where you want it to go and then click "Email as PDF" to send it to a recipient.
  • To request someone's signature, go to Add-ons and then to HelloSign and choose either "Just others" or "Me and others" from the sidebar on the right depending on whether you want to receive the document or not. Enter the email and names of other signatures.
  • Click on the signature, text, check, or date box and place the box wherever you want them to sign the click "Continue" to send the document out. You will receive an email when the document has been signed and returned to you.

Shortcomings of Using HelloSign to Add an Electronic Signature to Google Docs:

Part 2An Alternative Way to Add an Electronic Signature to Google Docs

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Wondershare SignX is a unique tool that helps in adding electronic signatures to a document. It can help add signatures to word documents, PDF files, and Google Docs among others. It has some unique features that makes it a must-have tool.

Firstly, the software has strong encryption protocols to keep your documents safe. It also offers real-time notifications such that you are able to receive a notification every time your document is opened.

Additionally, it offers seamless document editing where you can modify and personalize your documents. The software also enables you to create and restore reusable templates that can be personalized for the individual recipient.

More so, it offers a good document management in that you are able to keep the signatures moving and monitor the ongoing deals at your desired place. The software ensures compliance with the most demanding regulations to make sure that your eSignatures are legal and enforceable as the handwritten signatures. You can complete your document by using the drag and drop signature and text fields specific to each recipient and you can also store the document as a reusable template. In addition, you can manage users in your account, including add more users or remove users.

Step 1: Create a Signature

After you have logged in your account, you can click on the button "Create a Signature ". You can create your signature by uploading an image of your handwritten signature, drawing a signature using a cursor or a touch screen, or by using the keyboard to type your signature.

Step 2: Upload and Send Document for Signatures

Upload your PDF from your computer or from your file sharing sites such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Box. Add the email addresses of those who have to sign the file and specify the order in which they need to sign.

Drag and drop signature tags where you need each individual to sign. Then click "Send for Signature". Each recipient will receive an email containing the link on where to access the document.

Step 3: Recipients Sign the Document

Once the recipients open the link, they will be able to access the document. The recipient can sign virtually via any internet enabled device. SignX will give simple instruction guides for the signing process. Once the signing is done, click "Finish" and the process would be done.

Step 4: Manage the Signed Document

Manage the signed document by checking its status, sending reminders, viewing audit trails and getting visibility into documents across your organization.

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