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Gone are the days when you needed a printer, a scanner, a fax machine, and a pen to sign and send important documents. With the advancement of technology, you can now sign documents from your mobile phone, your desktop computer, or your tablet. We live in an era of paperless office, where a digital signature app does everything for you. You can sign and send documents easily, and you can do it in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Our mobile phones have essentially replaced bulky devices like fax machines and scanners. That being said, what are some of the options for an app for digital signature? We've rounded up the best five.

Part 1 Top 3 Digital Signature Apps

1. SignX

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SignX is a professional electronic signature service that allows you to sign as you go from anywhere and at anytime. The platform allows you to eliminate the hassle and cost of paper-based task. The signatures are legally binding and enforceable just as much as hand-written signatures.

Some of the features of the platform include real-time notifications when the document is opened, read, or signed, as well as a centralized dashboard that allows you to get overview of all activities. You also get audit trails which are long and detailed logs of senders, time of sending, IP addresses, timestamps, and much more.

The documents can be signed my single or multiple users in the same time, or in a specific order. It all depends how you schedule the signature process. But most importantly, using SignX will simplify the document management and speed up the workplace workflow. Your documents are protected by password and encryption, ensuring highest level of protection.

2. DocuSign App

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The digital signature app helps you move the process of signing documents completely online. Getting documents signed can be a chore, but with DocuSign app, you can get everything done via email. The application comes with a tagging system that guides the user what to do, and provides full court-accepted audit trail of the signing process. Can handle multiple and sequential recipients, and you can also send reminders.

Documents in DocuSign app are set to expire after a certain amount of time. The downside is the recipient needs to verify his identity using phone authentication.

3. SignEasy App

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The key features of this digital signature app involve filling out and signing forms and documents from a mobile phone, facilitate multiple signers through the cloud, transfer documents between mobile and stationary devices, and download and documents to and from multiple devices.

SignEasy allows you to sign documents on a mobile screen, and then validate a document on the spot. All of the documents are legally binding, and they can be transferred from one device to another. This saves valuable time in the signing and filling process.

You will receive a document via email, but you can download to the mobile device from the Web. This digital signature app supports different formats, such as PDF, PNG, HTML, Microsoft Word, and plain text.

Part 2 More Digital Signature Apps

4. Zoho Sign App

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This digital signature app is a complete solution for business signatories and prides itself on bank-level encryption for your documents. Zoho works with everyday apps like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and many other cloud storage apps or Gmail inbox.

Some of the features include setting an expiration date and reminders, adding multiple recipients, setting a signing order to all recipients, and send private and group messages to signers. You can also leave a note to a group of signers to stay aligned. Zoho allows you to preview every document before signing using drag-and-drop for adding fields, jumping to specific pages, or doing any other edit.

5. SignNow App

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Limited only to Android devices, SignNow makes it simple for you to sign documents. However, it lacks certain features that you can find in another app for digital signature. Simplicity is the key benefit of this digital signature app, as you can import files from all other sources. However, you cannot track signatures, and you cannot request others' signature, or create templates. The good news is that if your create a template on the desktop app, it transfers to the mobile app. This digital signature app puts your signature, text, and date on the screen where you tap. You can drag the signature box to another location if you like.

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