Top 6 Popular Digital Signature Poviders You Can't Miss

The world of digital signatures is one that is constantly abuzz with activity. The reason for this is very simple; it is an industry that offers support to all other industries. Healthcare, legal, financial, technology and many more require having legally binding documents signed. Digital signatures make the process affordable, easy and less time consuming. So, digital signature providers are constantly trying to improve their services further and new ones are born every day. The following are the top 6 most popular digital signature services in the market.

Part 1 3 of the Best Digital Signature Services

1. Sify Digital Signature

sify digital signature

Sify is a digital signature solution that is involved in the sale and processing of digital signature certificates. Headquartered in India, the company has also partnered with businesses and government agencies to ensure that the signatures used are authentic, viable and legally binding even when used on government issued documents. As such, it makes the whole process of electronically signing documents that much easy and reliable.

Sify digital signature also takes all security measures to ensure that the certificates are used under the most secure of environments to ensure the security of the documents. Users can purchase a digital signature certificate for either just signing or signing and encrypting.

2. Emudhra digital signature

emudhra digital signature

Also headquartered in India, Emudhra digital signature is also involved in the business of selling digital signature certificates. Users can apply for a digital signature certificate and pay for it once the application is approved. There is an easy way to track the application and signatures can be used in legally binding agreements, contracts and government compliance documents including e-tendering.

Users can choose to purchase signature certificates, document signer certificates and encryption certificates for those extra sensitive documents. These digital certificates can then be applied to a number of uses including e-tendering, foreign trade agreements, income tax and even employee agreements.

3. CoSign Digital Signatures

cosign digital signature

It is one of the most widely used digital signature providers in the business particularly because it is very accessible. CoSign is available online where a potential user can simply create an account and begin signing documents.

CoSign Digital Signatures also available as an application on the Chrome app store and on the App Sore and Google Play store. This makes it easy for users to sign and secure documents from wherever they are. It accepts and can be used on a number of formats including Word documents, PDF, Outlook, AutoCAD and many others. The digital signature service's pricing starts at $15 a month but there is a free trial to take advantage of.

Part 2 More Digital Signature Services You May Be Interested In

4. SigniX Digital Signature Services

digital sign software

SigniX is an easy to use digital signature solution that is cloud-based. This means that the documents you upload for signing will be available anywhere and on any device. This digital signature service is tailored to provide services for small businesses with few documents to sign and also large corporations that may require huge volumes signed at any given time. The features available for both these groups are all designed to make the process easy without compromising on the security of the document being signed. They provide extensive support to make the experience of using SigniX as comfortable as possible.

5. Secured Signing

digital signature provider

Secured Signing is another cloud-based digital signature service that is quite popular. Although a bit expensive as compared to other similar services, the price is justified when you consider that you can access the documents from any device at any time.

The system used to collect and send documents for signing is also quite simplified and the platform allows for multiple documents to be signed at once. All signatures that are created and used with Secured Signing are all legally and enforceable. As such it is the go-to digital signature service for most industries including healthcare, legal and financial services sector.

6. GlobalSign

digital signature service

Another equally reliable digital signature service for document signing and management, GlobalSign offers top quality digital signature features that allow users to sign documents easily without compromising on the security of the documents.

It can be used for other purposes other than just signing documents including secure emails. You can use the digital signature service to sign multiple documents and employ code signing. While the code signing feature is ideal, there are no clear security measures taken to ensure the safety of the document.

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