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Doctors are arguably the busiest people compared to any other professionals. Their lives are constantly revolving around life and death and they face emergencies by the hour. For that reason, there has been an advent of electronic prescriptions and reports that saves a lot of time, and in turn lives. These prescriptions require electronic signatures. These e-signatures can be generated using doctor signature generator software and online tools that take only a few minutes to make a legally binding, secure e-signature.

Doctor signature generator websites and tools are usually available free or at minimal costs, but we would recommend using a full-fledge software that can generate signatures and also takes care of the rest of your document-related troubles.

Part 1 5 of the Best Doctor Signature Generators

1. Wondershare SignX

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Wondershare SignX is a wonderful doctor signature generator and is perfect for the busy schedules of doctors. Its simplicity and impressive performance make it our top choice. It offers numerous features to go along with signature generation.

You can generate your e-signatures in a matter of seconds, sign your documents with them and send them to your colleagues, all from the same software. In addition to that, you can save your documents on the Cloud for a backup, secure them using 256-bit AES encryption and do even stamp them to make more credible. Signatures generated by SignX are legally-binding, secure and pretty artsy. Also, you can access all these features right from your mobile devices; sign and send your documents on the go!

2. SkySignature

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SkySignature has two main strong suits: its web based nature via Cloud, and ironclad security. It offers security at two levels: at the user level and at the data level. With SkySignature, you can generate your signatures and then use them in your documents with ease.

This doctor signature generator has a lot of features to handle PDFs. You can convert your PDF documents to other formats and edit them at your disposal. With its mobile apps, you can carry out all these things on the go and never have to worry about having a laptop with you.

3. SignNow

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If you are really in a hurry, you should give SignNow a shot. It is a simple e-signing online tool, very suitable for doctors. This doctor signature generator will ask you for a document which needs to be signed, then you can draw or type your signature it the tool and it will sign your document, just like that. You can invite patients to sign their documents too, if need be. You can download the signed PDF to your computer or mail it to anyone you desire.

4. Online Signature Pad

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This should be familiar to doctors as it works much in the same way as your everyday prescription pad does. This online doctor signature generator is a really simple solution if you need to create your signatures in a relative hurry. You can the mouse as a pen and draw your signature.

It allows you to change your font, color, size and other little things so you can draw a signature with the closest resemblance to your real life signature. One drawback of this online tool is that it requires Silverlight plugin to work, so you will have to go through the little hassle of installing it.

5. HelloSign

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This doctor signature generator is filled with features beyond just signature generation. If you are looking for a complete documents and esigning solution, this might be the right fit for you. The signatures created by HelloSign are legally binding and secure.

It is perfect for signing contracts or other such documents that are required to be signed by multiple parties. Due to the nifty features like sending the document to be signed by others, HelloSign can be very beneficial for doctors.

Part 2What is Doctor Signature Generator

Doctor signature generator tools are used heavily by doctors and other health professionals to create their electronic signatures once and for all, and use them later for PDF documents and save the trouble of faxing, printing and scanning documents all the time. If you are a doctor looking for a signature generator to suit your needs, following are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your dr signature generator creates legally binding signatures.
  • Use a signature generator that is hassle-free and quick, to save time
  • Use a signature generator that offers other functionalities in addition to signature generation like sending and securing the documents.
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