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PDF is a top method to create and distribute digital files these days mainly because PDF files are easy to open, read and print. With the extensive use of PDF as a digital file format, comes the need of an app to sign PDF to make documents authentic and have some legal value. Businesses need a PDF signature app on both sides to ease their customers. Among more than 1.5 billion smartphone users in the world, there are millions who need to sign PDF on iPhone or sign PDF on iPad. You have to take them into account also and use a PDF signature app which facilitates iOS users.

Part 1Top 3 PDF Signature Apps for iPad and iPhone

1. PDFelement for iOS - PDF Signature App for iOS

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PDFelement for iOS is the best app to sign PDF on iPad and iPhone. It gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom in terms of editing, creating, signing, and managing PDF document. One of the features that PDF Element app offers is the Edit Anywhere options.

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It comes with pretty powerful preloaded tools to modify your PDF documents on the go. As soon as you receive an update on your already done assignment, you can simply modify it anywhere you want. Easy to use signature interface will let you scribe your signature on iPhone or iPad and then place it into your PDF document properly.

Another great feature is that you can convert your PDF into Excel, Word and PowerPoint files easily. This feature saves you from a lot of hassle to install another document-conversion app or going online for help. Cloud synchronization helps share your documents easily.

2. SignEasy – PDF Signature App for iOS

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SignEasy is another good app for electronically signing PDF documents. This PDF signature app is available for iOS and offers a variety of features to fill and sign PDF documents. Along with signing PDF documents, this app offers cloud synchronization so that you can access your files from anywhere and from any device. Only authorized users can access a certain document if it needs signatures from more than one people.

Cross platform support makes it easy to sign a single agreement by multiple people with different devices. There is no document conversion option, but this app works with many different types of documents beside PDF. Trial version only allows 3 uses per user.

SingEasy gives you an option of turning off the recurring payments so that you don't get charged automatically for the renewal. There are different packages to choose from. Price for iOS is at $79.99 for 1 Year Business and $39.99 for 1 Year Pro.

3. DocuSign - PDF Signature App for Android and iOS

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DocuSign is another great app to Sign PDF. This app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad also. According to a research, this app is one of the most widely used PDF signing app in the world. Along with usual PDF documents, you can use it to sign all other types of documents like Word and Excel. Another advantage of DocuSign is the support for Salesforce. It allows you to send agreements on any opportunity through Salesforce and then keep track of it. When a customer signs the agreement, all the data entry is also handled automatically.

Although DocuSign is a great PDF signature app with many advantages, but there are some negative points also. This app cannot be considered as a contract management app. It is simply an electronic signature app with no focus on managing contracts. Also, many users have reported bad customer service. Personal, Standard and Business packages cost $10, $25 and $40 respectively.

Part 2How to Sign PDF without Downloading PDF Signature App

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You have to download the above-mentioned apps on your iPhone or iPad to electronically sign documents. There is a better solution in which you don't have to download any app. Wondershare SignX is an online platform where you can sign your digital documents without any hassle of downloading apps.

It offers a fast e-sign platform where you just upload a document, go through a two-factor authentication process, sign and complete the document so that you can send it to clients or partners. These electronically signed documents have the same legal value as handwritten ones as the creators take special care with all the latest compliances of different countries.

Along with that, your documents are safe with the top of the line SSAE-16 encryption. You can also view and modify your documents anywhere you want easily. Premium annual subscription costs $6.99/month which is really cost effective as compared to many downloadable apps.

If you've already signed up for SignX service, here are the steps to electronically sign your PDF files.

Step 1: Login Account and Create a Signature

Open SignX website in the browser of iOS or Android devices, log in your account. The "Create a Signature" button will let you draw, type or upload an image of your signature.

Step 2: Upload PDF from your Mobile Devices

Click "Send New Document" and then click the small "+" button to browse your mobile devices and upload a PDF document that needs to be digitally signed.

Step 3: Sign PDF

After that, you will need to add the recipients (if any) of the documents to get it signed from them. You can also choose "I need to sign the document", if you need to sign it yourself as well. Click "Next". Now click the "Signature" button. Drag and drop your signature on the PDF document.

Click on recipient emails and continue to set up signature fields for them where they are to sign. Click "Send for Signature" and all your recipients will be sent the document in their emails. They will have to click on "Sign the Document" options to start signing it. As soon as each of them signs, you will be notified.

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