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The Best Way to Sign PDF Online

Digital documents are a blessing in disguise for most. They have made it much easier to manage, edit, and sign PDF online from the comfort of our home. However, signing these documents through online services has also been a gray area especially because of the security concerns involved. While there are countless online tools available that allow you to sign PDF online, the best ones focus on security and reliability above everything else. One such tool is Wondershare SignX - the most powerful tool for signing PDF online.

Part 1The Ultimate Tool to Sign a PDF Online

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If you are looking to throw away all the concerns of security with a reliable and safe tool for PDF signature online, then Wondershare SignX is the tool for you. This amazing tool by the popular developer Wondershare makes signing digital documents easier than ever before. SignX on a simple, three-step method for signing documents - Send, Sign, and Track.

This convenient three-step solution allows users to sign a PDF online quickly and securely. The two-factor authentication feature combined with SSL encryption on the website ensures that there are no compromises on the security of your documents.

Part 2 How to Sign PDF Document Online

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to sign your PDF documents with SignX:

Step 1: Upload PDF

Login to your SignX account here or create a new account by clicking on "Sign Up" here.

Once you are logged into your account, click on the "Send New Document" and then on the "+" icon to add a PDF for signing. You will now be asked to add a code to your document for security purposes.

Step 2: Add Recipients for Signature

Click "Next" to add the recipients who you want ask signature from. If you need to sign the PDF, you should check the "I need to sign the document". Click "Next"

Step 3: Sign PDF by Yourself

Sign the PDF by yourself using your Mouse or Touchpad. Just click the "Signature" button and drag and drop the signature of yours. Once you have signed the document, click on recipients' email address to set signature fields for them.

Step 4: Set Signature Fields for Others

You will now be asked to setup the fields for signing. Click the "Signature" "Date" "Title" and "Company" to add signature fields to the PDF. This is for sending to other signers. Now you should click on "Send for Signature".

Step 5: Sign PDF by Recipients

The recipients will receive the email reminder to sign the PDF. Once the PDF documents have been signed and submitted by the recipients, you can manage the document by clicking on "View the Document" option. This will allow you to monitor and review the document as it is being signed by other recipients.

Part 3Tips for Signing PDF Online

Given below are some top tips that you should consider before signing a PDF online:

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