What Is an Electronic Signature and Its Benefits

What is an electronic signature? And what is esignature? Electronic or E-signatures have brought a radical change in the world of documents and contracts. "What is an electronic signature?" is a question in the minds of everyone who just heard about it. They have confusions related to what does an e-signature look like or what actually is e-signature benefits and purpose. If you too want to learn about what is e signing, what an electronic signature is and what is the best tool for e-sign, we have just the right information for you.

Part 1 What Is an Electronic Signature and Its Features

what is an electronic signature

Electronic Signature is a technology that enables anyone to affix their signature or an equal electronically on an electronic document, which means that the person is giving his/her consent to the contract. E-signature is data in electronic form and is associated logically with other data in electronic form that the signatory uses to sign.

An electronic signature is legally accepted by the governments of many countries, but it has to meet certain requirements and regulations. It serves to provide an accurate and secure method of identification of the signer to bring transparency in a transaction. It is a very useful tool that saves a lot of hassles and cost, provided that the right electronic signature tool is used.

There are many options available out there, but finding the best suited is a challenge. It will be better for the security of your documents and information that you don't take any chances in choosing your electronic signature service.

Features of Electronic Signature

What makes an electronic signature legal? Electronic signatures come with many security features to safeguard your sensitive data in the document. For example:

Part 2 Big Advantages of Electronic Signature

what is electronic signature

With everything being based on technology day after day, electronic signatures are the more secure and profitable way to go for every business. Some benefits of electronic signature:

  • Electronic signatures allow the trapping of the IP address and other details of the computer on which the file is downloaded. This aids in tracking the signer better.
  • With the emergence of cloud-based electronic signature services, you can access your files on the secure website which is accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Electronic signatures save a lot of time and money that sending a document for signature by post and receiving it back involves.
  • Nowadays, electronic signatures can be integrated easily into popular solutions like Microsoft Word, Dropbox, etc.

Part 3 Best Service for Electronic Signature

what is an e signature

The best solution to electronic signature is our tried and tested favorite Wondershare SignX. It lets you create a new signature in a snap. Uploading a PDF file on which signature is needed is effortless. You get all the features that let you affix your electronic signature and receive signatures from all the parties involved in the most efficient way. Editing your PDF file is easy too since SignX includes all the necessary tools. The safety feature of assigning "Assess Code" which is only known by the recipients, ensures that no unauthorized person can tamper with the document. Main highlights of SignX:

  • A collaborative cloud backup technology
  • Facility to draw, type or upload signature of choice
  • Reusable templates can be created and saved
  • You can add or close users on your account
  • Be notified when your document is opened or signed
  • Access to a centralized dashboard which shows your account activities graphically
  • All your e-signed documents at a secure server
  • Access to your e-signed documents on any gadget at your wish
  • Audit trails to track timestamps, IP address and email address to trace signer
  • Locate the signature position for involved recipients and easily manage order

Part 4 Important Tips for Using Electronic Signature

Using electronic signature becomes easier and better with some tips and information-

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