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Electronic signature offers great flexibility to everyone who needs it, from individuals to organizations. There is a variety of electronic signatures that we can create online. Some people prefer to write signature online. To generate a handwritten signature online, a strong tool must be used so that the signature cannot easily tamper. If you are looking to learn how to write your signature online, we have just the material to help you. Here, we have listed the best tool write a signature online along with the how-to and tips.

Part 1The Best Tool to Write Signature Online

write signature online

Wondershare SignX lets you create legal and authentic electronic signatures in a number of ways. You can "Draw" it using your mouse or touchpad; you can "Type" it, or you can "Upload" your handwritten signature. Yes, it lets you create a legal and completely tamper proof electronic signature using your handwritten one!

Not only SignX can help in writing signature online but it also enables the user to upload their document and sign it electronically, using the created signature! It is one of the best tools that takes care of the ease and security of the user data. It is also one of the most affordable electronic signature solutions available out there. It has no unnecessary features.

Some features that make SignX perfect for personal or professional use are:

  • Create signature in a number of ways
  • The created signatures are legally binding
  • It makes the process of signing and getting signed quick and effortless
  • Provides numerable security features like encryption, access code, password, etc.
  • Can easily share the document with multiple parties for signing
  • Saves a lot of money for pen, paper, ink, courier and services
  • You can sign the documents and manage them from any internet enabled device
  • You can add some more users in your account to enjoy SignX features.

Part 2How to Write Signature Online

Step 1: Upload PDF and Add Recipients

To upload a PDF file, you need to be signed into SignX account. After login, click on "Send New Document" button on your account's homepage and then click the (+) icon on the newly appeared popup for upload. You can then browse your computer locations for your PDF. You get the option for adding access code that adds an end to end security to your document.

On next screen, you can enter the emails of the recipients. For adding multiple emails, click the (+) icon along the text field to create a new text field below it.

Step 2: Set Signature Location for Recipients

After adding recipients, click "Next". Here you can add certain instructions or message for the involved parties.

After that when you click "Next", you will land on the main screen of the tool, where all emails of the involved parties will be listed on the left and the document will be at the center. You can click on each recipient to assign signature location on the document. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes.

Step 3: Sign by Yourself

You can also assign a signature position for yourself on the document and it is very easy to do so. To add your own signature to the document, all you need to do is, drag and drop your signature on your signature position.

Step 4: Sign by Recipients

After making all necessary changes and allocating signature positions, when you're satisfied with the document, you can send it for signing securely by clicking "Send for Signing". They will receive the document in their email along with the custom message or instruction. They can sign the document and send it right back to you.

You can stay abreast with latest activities and progress of your ongoing deals on the homepage of your account, on the "Centralized Dashboard". The best thing about SignX is that you can access it from any internet enabled device at your choice of time and place. You can easily manage your documents and keep your signed documents safe, sitting comfortably at your office or home.

Part 3Tips to Write Signature Online

Your electronic signature is your identifier; it is like your fingerprint. It has to look good and if possible, it has to reflect you. There are many things that one can keep in mind to write signature online that is legal, plus looks neat-

  • Find a font of your preference. Calligraphic fonts work better for creating handwritten signature online. Practice it well.
  • Write your signature over and over so that you can sign it without any breaks or dots, in one smooth flow. It increases the neatness of the signature.
  • Take a clear picture of it using a good camera, or it is better to scan it. Make sure the signature is against a white background.
  • Clean the area around the signature using Photoshop, if needed to enhance its looks.
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